Parking in Portland with Parking NW

February 17, 2023

Parking in Portland with Parking NW

Portland is home to one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the country. It has easy access to the ocean, fabulous parks, amazing food, and so much more! It is easily one of the best cities to travel to, live in, and embrace. However, if you’re traveling to a downtown area, it’s always best to purchase parking ahead of time to avoid the hassle that parking can bring. Read more about how to purchase the lowest parking rates in the Portland area with ParkingNW!

ParkingNW has you covered when it comes to downtown Portland parking. There are over 50 active garages downtown ready for you to reserve your parking spot. Strategically located, they’re sure to cover you all over the city, regardless of your destination! Below we’ve highlighted some of our most popular garages that Portland locals and ParkingNW customers use.

Convenient Parking Locations

Crown Plaza Garage: Located right off of South Natio Highway, this garage is perfect for any traveler looking to get a view of the Willamette River or to be flexible location-wise to the East and West side of the city for monthly parking!

Fox Tower: This garage is located more towards the heart of West Portland! Offering customers coverage inside the West for monthly parking. It’s conveniently located close to a lot of fine dining restaurants and nightlife attractions.

SE 7th and Madison: This monthly parking garage offers locals coverage on the Eastside of Portland! It is also located in the heart of the East and near a lot of high-end restaurants and attractions.

Reserve Parking Through Parking NW

ParkingNW is easily accessible, offers the lowest rates, and has the best locations in Portland. It’s so easy to get signed up for monthly parking, so click any of the links above for the garages we’ve highlighted, use the main link to keep searching for the garage most convenient for you,  sign up, and save on parking through ParkingNW.