Lowest Monthly Parking Rates in Portland

March 19, 2023

Lowest Monthly Parking Rates in Portland

ParkingNW has been a valuable resource for Portland residents. They’re currently offering monthly parking all across the city of Portland with the lowest rates. Prices start as low as $90 a month, check out some of the cheapest rates offered in the downtown area below. Find out more about how to book your parking with ParkingNW by visiting their website linked here.

Lowest monthly parking rates:

Hollywood Square Market – Surface Lot and Rooftop Garage – This garage is located just outside the city and offers monthly parking for residents that live on the edge of suburbia and city life. Currently, the rate is $90 a month so book now to secure your spot.

NE Grand and Oregon Street – Garage – Located on the east side of the Willamette River, this convenient garage is a bit closer to the city and right near the Oregon Convention Center. Offering monthly parking for $95 a month, this is about as affordable as it’s going to get with this prime location.

SE 7th and Madison – Garage – Planted in the middle of East Portland, this garage has it all. Access to central shopping, downtown, and a lower rate in comparison to other downtown garages. For only $115 a month, this is a great deal.

Book now, save money, and secure your monthly parking spot today through ParkingNW.

Reserve Parking Through Parking NW

ParkingNW is easily accessible, offers the lowest rates, and has the best locations in Portland. It’s so easy to get signed up for monthly parking, so click any of the links above for the garages we’ve highlighted, use the main link to keep searching for the garage most convenient for you,  sign up, and save on parking through ParkingNW.